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The light hydrogen air purifier is a plug-in air purifier installed in the central air conditioning and ventilation ducts. The installation of the plug-in light hydrogen air purifier is flexible. The product is equipped with a module reinforcement plate as the benchmark for opening holes in the pipe wall, which can be directly inserted into the air purifier. Plug in the light of hydrogen ion air purifier combines advanced oxidation technology and light catalytic technology of air purification technology, using unique wide amplitude photon wave and special metal catalysts, generates super purification, purification of gas can be quickly comprehensive odor removal bacteria harmful gases such as air pollution, also with pure and fresh and clean air.


Functions of light hydrogen ion air purifier:

1, strong deodorization, deodorization

2. Continuously and efficiently kill harmful microorganisms

3, comprehensive purification, no secondary pollution

4. Safe and stable operation, simple operation and convenient installation

5, aluminum zinc plate shell, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, more durable use

6, environmental protection, energy saving, small wind resistance

Product features of optical hydrogen ion purifier:

1. Effectively kill harmful microorganisms, such as mold, legionella, hepatitis virus, SARS virus, coronavirus, avian influenza virus, influenza virus, etc.;

2. Decomposition of volatile organic compounds: benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia, ether, TVOC and other chemical organic compounds;

3, eliminate odor: through human respiration, sweat, defecation and urine: objects mildew, decay and other chemical reactions produced by the odor;

4. Sedimentation of inhalable particulate matter: inhalable suspended particulate matter in the air.

5. According to customers' requirements on air volume, it can be flexibly combined and installed in different positions.

6. Automatic operation, high voltage constant current, linkage with air conditioning.

7, high disinfection efficiency: patented technology: by the Chinese center for disease control and prevention, one-time natural bacteria killing efficiency of 62%, hold

The continuous cycle killing rate reached 99%, in line with the state health and family planning commission "disinfection technical specification requirements";

8. Novel products: adopting plug-in structural design, easy to install, maintain, disassemble and clean;

9, completely silent: no running parts, will not produce any additional noise.

Application place of light hydrogen ion air purifier:

1. Medical system: hospital, rehabilitation center, operating room, pharmaceutical factory, isolation ward blood station, etc.

2. Factory room: optical factory, electronics factory, sanitary products workshop, cosmetics factory, plastic and hardware coating factory, food factory, etc

3, write word building: telecommunications, securities, Banks, office buildings, conference rooms, offices

4. Public places: beauty salon, supermarket, station, airport, hotel, school, teahouse, exhibition hall, library, etc

Installation method of optical hydrogen ion purifier:

The insertion type light hydrogen ion air purifier mainly installs in the central air conditioning fan coil, the air conditioning combination air cabinet, the air duct and so on place. In general, the device is selected to be placed in the return air inlet or outlet of the fan coil and the return air or air supply duct of the central air conditioner. Screw the air purifier into place and connect the power cord.

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