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Photohydrogen ion technology:

Principle: optical hydrogen ion technology is a kind of comprehensive advanced oxidation technology and light catalytic technology unique air purification technology, which makes use of the wide band high strength photons of light wave, and in particular the metal catalyst and the effect of medium, generation O -, H2O2 and - OH, perfectly completed "light hydrogen ionization process, fast comprehensive odor removal bacteria and harmful gases such as air pollution, also with pure and fresh and clean air.


Product features and functions:

1. High primary efficiency: patented technology: through the testing center of the national air conditioning center, the passing efficiency of particulate matters reaches 75% at one time, and the wind resistance is only 6.3pa, meeting the requirements of >> standard of centralized air conditioning and ventilation system in public places;

2. High disinfection efficiency: patented technology: through the Chinese center for disease control and prevention, the sterilization efficiency of disposable natural bacteria reaches 62%, and the continuous cycle rate reaches 99%, meeting the requirements of the national health and family planning commission on disinfection technology;

3. Purification efficiency: patented technology: resistance is no more than 10Pa. The equipment can work continuously for 2 hours, and the air cleanliness in the room of 100 square meters can reach 100,000.

4. Long life: patented technology: long service life of ionization device, high dust removal efficiency, and convenient cleaning and maintenance;

5. Novel products: adopt plug-in structural design, convenient for installation, maintenance, disassembly and cleaning;

6. Working mode: with air conditioning linkage or independent operation selection, remote control switch control, simple operation;

7. Intelligent monitoring: various sensor technologies detect air quality, temperature, humidity, running time and other functions, and display Beijing time;

8. LCD display: LCD hd digital display, clear, bright, intuitive, clear, luxurious, beautiful and novel;

9. Fault alarm: the product is provided with function prompt such as operation, cleaning maintenance, abnormal fault detection, etc.;

Advantages of choosing a light hydrogen ion purifier:

1. Substantially reduce the bacteria inside the building and introduce fresh air to ensure the basic cleanliness of the building system;

2. Small air resistance, unique contraption structure, resistance <10Pa, high efficiency of sterilization and purification. The requirement of static pressure on the ventilator of the air conditioning system is low, thus reducing the equipment and operation cost of the air conditioning system.

3. Modular design, which can be combined into devices of various specifications, is flexible and applicable to all Spaces;

4. Advanced control system can realize comprehensive management and be compatible with building control system.

Installation method:

Generally, the purifier is installed in the return air inlet or outlet of the fan coil and the return air or supply air pipe of the central air conditioner. Fix the purifier in the selected position with screws, and then connect the power cord to each other.

Application: it is used in the pipes, fan coil pipes and outside air outlets for central air-conditioning in hospitals, office buildings, pharmaceutical factories, food factories, hotels, convention and exhibition centers, gymnasiums, airports, railway stations, public places, etc.

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