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   Plasma electrostatic dusting and sterilizing technology is by the ionization device applied low current high voltage pulse power supply, forming ultra high frequency pulse discharge, makes the ground state of gas to be sufficiently large energy, ionization air oxidation of bacteria, viruses, TVOC substances and particles, in the Coulomb force for use, the dust in the air of the drive to the electric set dust board, realize the air disinfection and purification.


Central air conditioning system has been widely in hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, supermarkets and office building etc. public applications, due to the central air conditioning system in the long run, no cleaning and disinfection and cleaning and disinfection is not complete, often resulting in ventilation system of internal pollution, in the central air-conditioning, pollutants are taken into a room, so that the central air-conditioning has become the medium of spread and diffusion of the pollutants. The wind cabinet plasma air purification device, it is a weapon to solve the pollution problem of central air conditioning, all starting from the source.

Product functions and features

The design of the standard module can be used in combination with air volume and size;

By using the method of plasma physical disinfection and purification, the pure dynamic disinfection technology without injury to the human body is safe and effective;

Maintenance is convenient, without consumable material, plasma electrostatic module regular cleaning and maintenance can effectively reduce the number of air conditioning duct cleaning;

Can remove the PM2.5 in the air, killing a large number of bacteria virus;

The product has a long service life, and the plasma dry electrostatic module is used for more than 10 years;

Environmental protection section ring, wind resistance is less than 30Pa;

With the air conditioning equipment, linkage control alone or pneumatic actuated control.

Product model and parameters

Product model: VBK-Z-1500

Handling air volume (m3/h): 3000-12000

Overall size (length x width x height):980x1520x210 mm or custom-made

Voltage and frequency: 50Hz 220V

Operating ambient temperature: -5~45

Applicable place:

There are places where the installation of central air conditioning is suitable. Such as suitable for: office buildings, hospitals, food plants, beverage workshops, printing workshops, printing ink workshop, airports, libraries, science and Technology Museum, waiting (car) room, gymnasium, fitness centers, shopping malls, conference room, office space, room, railway station, subway etc. various places.

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