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Semiconductor ionization dust removal device:

Wide application, according to the size of the air purification, can be customized

Can be used for various types of air conditioning

Specifications of various sizes, flexible, can be installed in different locations

Automatic operation, high pressure constant current, and air conditioning linkage

Good stability, antioxidant



Product features and features:

The implementation of efficient disinfection: air natural bacteria killing rate reached 90%;

The long life: the patent technology: ionization device has long service life, high efficiency of dust removal, cleaning and maintenance is very convenient;

The broad-spectrum sterilization: bacteria in the air, mildew, virus and Escherichia coli;

The energy saving and environmental protection: the use of cleaning method, can realize the recovery of waste gas from the existing;

The convenient maintenance: using semiconductor, has a protective effect of ionization device and solves the problem of dust, difficult cleaning problems;

The count function: products run a total working time display;

The module design: using standard modular design, can be freely combined according to the size of central air conditioning air;

Product parameters:

Product number VBK-H-600

Type return air cleaner

Disposable air flow (m3/h) 600

The purification efficiency (%) = 90

TVOC (%) = 90

The resistance of [Pa] is less than or equal to 50

Working voltage (Kv) 10

Rated input power (VA) = 50

The environmental temperature and humidity -5 to 45 DEG C = 90%HR

Power supply voltage and frequency 22V + 50Hz 0.5Hz + ~AC220V

Applications: industrial, scientific research, hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, railway stations, the waiting hall of the air, return air pipe.

Market advantage

A. the use of this product in the hospital, can achieve the sterilization of the table, the table will gradually replace the traditional sterilization methods, such as UV, chemical drugs;

B. the use of this product in the hospital, can effectively and significantly reduce the hospital infection;

C. This product is used in the hospital operation room, ICU, CCU ward and outpatient department, can be according to the "medical and health institutions at all levels of charges";

D. This product is used in hospital pharmacy, pharmaceutical factory, food factory sterile operating room, can meet the requirement of sterile operation;

E. This product in the archives, computer room use; can remove the air of mold and ultrafine dust particles, in order to protect the file, CD, disk, film and other files;

F. this product is used in air conditioning, can effectively remove all kinds of air microorganisms, to prevent air conditioning disease;

G. This product in the home as well as ward, nursing home use, can create a family clean environment, to carry out family therapy, recuperation, to prevent cross infection, enhance the treatment, rehabilitation effect has a significant effect.

H. This product is used in schools, it can effectively control the PM2.5 and protect the health of students.

This product can be used in the continuous sterilization and to achieve the health standards, the obvious use of the characteristics of this product has a wide range of applications and broad application market.

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