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Application of plasma air sterilizing machine in the hospital of Tongji University, Shanghai, China
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? ? ?Shanghai Tongji Hospital established in 1991, under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of railways, naming Ganquan Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Railway Medical College, 1995 won Shanghai the first batch of three level of first-class general hospitals, medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and prevention functions as one of the large three level of first-class comprehensive hospital. Hospital covers an area of 62 mu, building area of nearly 10 million square meters, 10 thousand yuan of above equipment 2287 and Taiwan, with 3.0T MRI, 320 row CT, pet function of single photon double probe variable angle ect, DSA, and linear accelerators and other large equipment. Wei brand air disinfecting machine is the introduction of, the equipment has rapid purification of gases, dust particles (particle), efficacy of sterilization of bacteria and viruses, is to control the nosocomial infection rate weapon, the product through the Planning Commission, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), microbial institute recognized. Wei a brand to you is a safe, environmentally friendly, enjoyable experience.

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