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CCTV interview with me
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2015, Dongguan Wei an environmental science and Technology Co., Ltd. were accepted by CCTV (CCTV), "discovery" and "win in the brand" column group interview.

Company since its inception, always adhere to the road of independent innovation, adhere to the "leading technology, quality and efficient, customer first, respect for the undersigned about" the concept and quality policy; to independent innovation as the theme, increase R & D investment, efforts to enhance the technology capability of independent innovation, master the core technology products, for customers to provide "zero defect products and thoughtful service is our company each employee unswerving goal.

Thank CCTV CCTV for our support, thanks to customers, partners trust and recognition, your support is our biggest motivation to move forward.

Photo sharing:


Figure 1 guest "win in the brand"


Figure 2 CCTV discovery trip interview with my Secretary


Figure 3 CCTV section group and our staff on behalf of the group photo

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