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Wei a dynamic air disinfection machine to enter the billion pharmaceutical companies
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Kangmei pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd was founded in 1997, in 2001, listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange, is the first domestic Internet layout of the whole industry chain with Chinese medicine, Chinese herbal medicine production as the core, to create a comprehensive health + platform + big data + service "system of the whole industry chain of traditional Chinese medicine accurate service" Internet plus "large listed enterprises, national high-tech enterprises. The existing total assets of 3.3 billion yuan, net assets of about 181 million yuan, 2012 has nearly three years for the national tax of about 3.5 billion yuan, ranked China enterprise 500 strong, Global 2000 companies strong, Guangdong tax hundred, and the market value exceeded billion pharmaceutical enterprises.

A hand Wei Kang Mei, to create first-class medical system in domestic air disinfection and purification integrated service providers in a major step. In the future days, Wei environment will be selected in the technology, high-quality products and quality service to customers provide "360 medical environment of air purification solution", to assist customers to continuously improve the market competitiveness.

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