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Weiyi an environment with first-class medical air disinfection machine R & D conditions and ability
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    Dongguan Dongguan Changan Town, town, town, Changan Town, Dongguan Town, the southern tip of the Pearl River Estuary, East Baoan Shenzhen, West Humen Town, is located in the central part of Guangzhou, Dongguan and Shenzhen city traffic, 55 kilometers away from Guangzhou City, Shenzhen city 30 kilometers, 90 kilometers Dongguan City, transportation and industrial facilities are very convenient.

    First class medical air disinfection machine research and development environment and facilities


   Weiyi an environmental R & D department, was established in early 2013, the number of 8 people, senior engineer 2 people, engaged in air disinfection and purification industry for more than 20 years. Technical engineer 4 people, were engaged in the disinfection of air purification products design for more than 7 years; and 2 assistant designer. R & D personnel accounted for 23.5% of the total number of companies.

Since the establishment of the company, it will be included in the budget for research funding, in any case, also actively raise funds to ensure that new technologies, new product development funds. 2013 year research and development funding reached 5000000, we firmly believe that there is input on the output, and the new product development has achieved significant technological innovation breakthrough, the company attaches great importance to the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and achieved remarkable results and good economic benefits.

At present, the company has 2000 square meters of office, research and development division in the center of Changan Town, investment in infrastructure construction reached 2000000, with the need to meet the development of advanced equipment, testing equipment and laboratories, etc., to provide a good hardware security for product development.

    In 2014, the successful development of the "semiconductor catalytic air disinfection and purification device", which is the most efficient and reliable air disinfection technology. In the same year, the product through the national disinfection and safety testing, access to disinfection and sanitation safety evaluation report for the record. And through the expert review and Dongguan quality and technical supervision for the record: QB/441900 97 13090-2014, won the national invention patent: 201410104770.1, the utility model patent license ZL201420127492.6, the appearance of patent licensing ZL201430173721.3.

The technique has been applied to medical wall mounted air sterilizer, medical cabinet type air disinfection machine, ceiling type air disinfection machine and all kinds of central air conditioning sterilizing purifier on top. On August 5, 2015, Wei took part in the meeting by the Conco Enterprise Technology Development Center for evaluation of the organization, technical appraisal, meeting from Tsinghua University, Peking University and the Ministry of environmental protection and other seven experts group combination, Wei an invention of semiconductor photocatalytic air sterilizing and purifying device, after identification of the expert group analysis confirmed the results reached the international leading level.

Wei has not stopped the pace of innovation and development of the environment, the current hand there are a variety of disinfection technology devices in the field, I believe that soon will be available. Need more advanced, more efficient, safer air disinfection and purification technology, please pay attention to our great environment.

Source for the great environmental medical air disinfection machine ( welcome to share.

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