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Semiconductor catalytic air disinfection purifier is rated the international leading technology
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In May this year, a great environment in technical appraisal by high technology enterprise development evaluation center will organize.


Led by Yang Dong, the new air disinfection technology to carry out after 2 years of development in the conference. The meeting was jointly held by Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Institute of Technology, China Environmental Protection Department of environmental protection department, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the promotion of SME development promotion center, China Environmental Protection Industry Association seven units. Attended the environmental management for several decades, the industry is a major contribution to environmental protection.

WeiYi a team concentrated in the air purification industry, after several months, through continuous attempts and practice, and finally achieved a new breakthrough technology. Successfully developed a "semiconductor air disinfection and purification device", the national invention patent. Many experts can identify the technology, the analysis, review the relevant materials, the following report summary:

1 the information provided is complete, consistent with the identification requirements

2 the invention of the invention of a titanium dioxide catalytic convex set of ionization device, with dual gasification characteristics of titanium dioxide catalytic and ionization discharge, improve the air in the sterilization rate of natural bacteria, and effectively solve the problem of cleaning the dust after the electrostatic field.

3 the integrated application of titanium dioxide catalyst, ionization discharge and ultraviolet radiation, etc., can improve the air disinfection and purification efficiency.

4 the prototype is tested and the user is used to show that the disinfection and purification effect is good, and the energy saving and environmental protection.

Identification Committee members unanimously agreed to identify the results of the project, identified its technology reached the international advanced level. At the same time, it is proposed that the results will be put into the market as soon as.

In early 6, the 2015 Asia Pacific (Guangzhou) was held in Guangzhou, the health of the good breathing Bo Jian, Wei Yi on display with the use of semiconductor air disinfection and purification device technology, the 7 air disinfection machine, the industry's friends and dealers are very interested in this technology, we have come to our office for communication. Even in the academician Zhong Nanshan participate in the summit forum also applauded, and give us a souvenir sign.

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