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Function and characteristics of air disinfection machine
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A good air disinfection machine, in addition to the appearance, quality, price and service, the rest of the function. For example, the safe, we all know, the appearance is very general, the quality is not good to say! Introduce main function has only one, locking ability is strong, he would not set a key opens and closes the door, WiFi remote control devices, etc., because too many features, but insecurity. But air disinfection machine is not the same, the more functions, the more people like. No one likes only a key switch machine equipment, no experience, you can not get the heart. The following introduction of a semiconductor technology air disinfection machine.

What is the semiconductor air disinfection machine?

It is the application of semiconductor and semiconductor catalytic ionization device and the original "mirror light" technology, so that particles of bacteria in the air in the semiconductor device is ionized under the effect of electric charge, the bacteria subjected to breakdown (lightning) effect of particles in the air, bacteria will be electric adsorption dust collecting plate in a semiconductor device caused by ionization, part of cell injury and shock sang death; at the same time, by the mirror light reaction device, semiconductor catalytic EV energy (electricity), semiconductor catalytic transition to the conduction band and valence band, produce electron hole, the formation of negative oxygen ions (O2-) and free radical (OH), accelerated catalytic oxidation, decomposition of harmful gases a semiconductor, catalytic effect; the purified air through the semiconductor negative ionization device, and an excess of positive ions and again after the dust, by the composite filter collection in the reaction process of micro particle, 0.5 m particle purifying efficiency is up more than 90% (100000); the complete removal of PM2.5, reduction of clean air disinfection equipment.

What are the functions of the air disinfecting machine?

8 advantages:

1 human machine coexistence of 2 integral sliding panel

3 manual, automatic, timing three kinds of 4.LED HD digital LCD screen display

Work mode for users to choose 6 intelligent remote monitoring management

5 low high school 3 speed adjustable 8 intelligent alarm

7 free to disturb the power saving design

Function characteristic:

1 and sterilization factor Innovation: first ionization, semiconductor and optical ternary disinfection factor design as one, after the national statutory testing agencies testing, product within 30m no space, after 1 hour of disinfection, air combustion bacteria extinction rate up to 99%.

2, the product has broad-spectrum bactericidal: of airborne bacteria, fungi, Staphylococcus bacteria, Staphylococcus bacteria such as E. coli and, by the national statutory testing agencies testing, slew rate is greater than or equal to 99.99%.

3, the product structure design novel: the structure uses the unit type design, uses the physical disinfection method, the ionization device and the light wave device to use the long life.

4, safe and reliable: products through the GB 4706.45, GB 4706.1, GB 4343.1, GB 17625.1 and other safety requirements and electromagnetic compatibility and anti interference test, the hospital power supply circuit will not interfere with the normal operation of other equipment.

5, energy-saving environmental protection: the product can be used in a state, no two pollution. The product according to the daily disinfection of 12 hours, the power consumption is 1.08 kWh (hanging -600 type), low power consumption.

6, operation and maintenance convenient: the unit uses the invention patent design, the ionization device is coated with a semiconductor catalyst, which has a protective film, and is convenient for cleaning and maintenance.

7, intelligent control: large LCD screen display, working status at a glance, there are air quality, temperature and humidity, failure, running time, disinfection has automatic, timing, manual three modes, users can choose the way of disinfection.

Apply to:

Bio pharmaceutical factory: asepsis room, laboratory, ingredients, etc..

Hospital: it is suitable for most of the second and third class environment, such as operation room, diagnosis and treatment room,, delivery room, baby room, premature infant room, sterile area of supply room, burn ward, intensive care unit, etc..

Food and beverage factory: production workshop, packaging workshop, asepsis room, etc..

Public fields: banking, conference rooms, hotels, kindergartens, entertainment places, airports, offices, etc..

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