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Clean engineering solution
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Operation room clean engineering case
? ? ?Operation room cleaning project: laminar flow operation room is the use of air clean technology to the microbial contamination to different levels of air system, in order to achieve the requirements of all kinds of operation, and provide appropriate temperature and humidity, creating a clean and comfortable operating air environment. Wei an environment in this area has a wealth of experience, because of the differences between the United States and the European and American standards for the construction of the environment and the domestic environment is different, international standards and domestic regional industry standards are generally difficult to ensure the long-term stability of the operation room, the general 1 years of renovation, 3-10 years to rebuild, so the quality of the project has been obvious. Therefore, the construction of a company in the operation room purification engineering, have set up higher than the international standard of purification. Effectively ensure the engineering quality and service life.
Hospital disinfection and supply center project
? ? ?Disinfection and supply center is the hospital that the supply of sterile goods, the storage and distribution of disposable items, and the cleaning, disinfection, sterilization, packaging work, therefore, the quality of hospital disinfection and supply center management directly affects the quality of the hospital, the patient's trust. As China hospital air disinfection purifying field of pioneer and leader, Wei environment technology has always been committed to build China and even the world famous of disinfection and sterilization integrated service provider.
Central air conditioning air disinfection and purification project

? ? ??Countries in the medical field based investment increasing, the establishment of a large number of filled outpatient letter hospital building, which almost all the buildings use central air conditioning sterilizing purifier products. Closed environment is very conducive to the propagation of virus bacteria, transmission and variation, greatly increased the nosocomial infection rate; air quality is even worse, patients and medical personnel to the hospital air quality is very exclusive. And central air conditioning purification project, we can solve this problem. Through the purification of air conditioning pipe in the installation of one of the semiconductor air purification and disinfection device, the indoor air flow cycle of disinfection, in addition to odor, purification, reducing indoor clean and fresh air, but also to avoid UV, ozone disinfection machine for human body damage. Truly safe, environmentally friendly cleaning solution.

? ? ??At the same time to undertake all kinds of pharmaceutical factory GMP workshop purification, food factory workshop purification engineering, precision electronic dust workshop purification, ICU health care unit of the monitoring room purification, clean laboratory purification, cosmetic workshop purification, aseptic laboratory purification engineering, clean workshop, etc..

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