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Air disinfection equipment selection method
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Air purification equipment on the market a wide variety, how to choose the right to own, cost-effective disinfection machine? The following a small series of small simple summary of the summary, for your reference.

The common classification of air disinfection machine

According to the type of disinfection, can be divided into medical air disinfection machine and ordinary indoor air purifier

According to the use of the environment, can be divided into hospital environment, chemical plant, food factory, business office, family, public places, etc.

According to the models to points, can be divided into cabinet, mobile, wall mounted, ceiling top four, the central air conditioning sterilizing purification can be divided for UV insertion, wind combined cabinet, air pipe and tuyere four.

According to feature points, can be divided into ozone, ultraviolet light, photocatalyst, high-voltage electrostatic, HEPA high efficiency filter.

- understand the classification, we can proceed to the next step -- you buy air disinfection machine what is the purpose?

1 newly renovated new house, the smell is too heavy?

2 Office of the air is not good, to purify and disinfect?

3 hospital medical environment for bacteria, the hospital air to disinfect and purify the hospital?

The production of packaging 4 food factory has strict requirements, to the fresh-keeping effect of sterilization?

5 chemical plant because there is a lot of dust, particles, toxic gases harmful to human health, need to purify the filter?

6 public places air pollution, need to clean the air clean to ensure that the air clean?

7 scientific research units, laboratories and other special requirements of the place?

The need to achieve what requirements

1 General requirements, which is usually in the home air purification, such as PM2.5, mote class.

2 is the I environment, or is the II environment like, or III class environment?

3 sterilization effect to achieve how much? Dust particulate matter purification degree and how to achieve?

> > bring these questions to the following answers

One, the general configuration of the air purifier, generally to the home of the main. Is always a stream of foul and pungent Weiqi such as a newly renovated house, office, nursery school, do not know, thought it was a taste of new furniture normal, not knowing that this is TOVCs, formaldehyde, benzene, etc., to human carcinogenic harmful substances. Where there are defects, there are opportunities, business people who would like to pass such an opportunity? Thus, the home air purifier (machine) was born, the product will not be too complicated, with the usual air conditioning fan almost, just do not have the water cooling part of the improvement, the installation of high efficiency filter + activated carbon. So on the market to do a lot of cabinet air conditioner fan manufacturers transformed, upgrading air purifier manufacturers. The functions and responsibilities of the home air purifier is adsorption and filtration of air pollutants, such as: PM2.5, dust, formaldehyde, benzene and other, does not have the anti-virus effect, so household to vote for this.

Two, medium configuration products, there is light wave catalysis, high voltage electrostatic field air purification and disinfection machine, this is not the same as the plasma type air disinfection machine is not the same, the plasma type: is the characteristics of atoms within the electron at high temperature from the atomic nucleus of attraction, so that the material is charged particle state exists, so as to achieve decomposition, sterilization effect. Electrostatic field air disinfection machine, due to the Honeywell electric field or honeycomb electric field adsorption effect is better, by the industrial dust workshop, office buildings, airports, hotels, customer preferences. If the price of light wave catalysis will be a little bit expensive oh. Configuration in general by the early effect of filter + high voltage electric field + ultraviolet light tube + Central Asian efficient filter, as to whether or not to add ozone or negative ion device, we must see your specific purpose, if it is food, can add ozone device. Medium configuration product also has certain bactericidal effect, can be used in hospital or hospital general ward or passage.

Three, high configuration of medical air disinfection machine, because the effect of the treatment is relatively strong, usually applied in the hospital (operation room, ICU first aid), scientific research units, etc.. Configuration: the beginning of the + + + + + + semiconductor positive high voltage electric field + Photo Catalytic + high voltage electric field + active carbon + high efficiency filter, sterilization effect of up to 90%, said to be cheated of 99%, it is the experimental data, with the actual difference is too far. Three yuan one semiconductor technology, is a great company invented the latest technology sterilization technology, with other brands than effect: sheet high voltage electrostatic field, cellular electrostatic field, needle type high voltage meter power technology, has certain advantages, such as sterilization purification time of 30 minutes, the latter generally to 1-2 hours. In the hospital, time is life, you know. Family and business if you buy this, burn the, the price of this product will be domestic, commercial several times more expensive than oh, it is only suitable for high requirements of the pro use.

After reading the above introduction, friends are able to independently choose their own air purification equipment? If there are questions about the selection of the products above, or have better suggestions, you can find the way through the left of Wei Gong. Your recognition and support, is our greatest power!!

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