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Daily maintenance of air disinfection machine
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Method for air disinfection machine

1, the Department to retain the use of disinfection machine manual, in accordance with the requirements of the operation.

2, pay attention to the room airtight. Disinfection should be closed doors and windows, to maintain the room has a good airtight, no independent personnel to enter, as far as possible to reduce the number of indoor personnel to ensure that the disinfection effect.

3, pay attention to indoor object surface health. This machine is only valid for air and has no effect on the surface of the object. If there are more indoor objects surface dust, disinfection machine will produce two dust, causing air microorganisms. Persistent pollution, which eventually leads to the failure of disinfection within the prescribed time.

4, the choice of the time of disinfection.

A. preventive disinfection: every time a regular disinfection 2-3 times, each time on the starting 60 ~ 120min. General arrangement in the morning before work and after work or at night. General disinfection time is 5 hours.

B. dynamic disinfection: the purpose is to control and reduce the environmental air pollution in the process of the two. General during the peak period of personnel activities.

C. a week can be a static disinfection, time 2 hours.

5, the end of each disinfection should be well documented, the total time of not more than 8000 hours.

6, the disinfection machine uses the ultraviolet circulating air filtration disinfection principle, therefore the disinfection machine periphery space should try to avoid to have the object to stop, in order to keep the air flow, the air should be as far as possible to protect the good circulation. Two, disinfection machine cleaning and maintenance

1. Keep the machine clean and dry. The disinfection work at the end of the day with a damp cloth to wipe the surface. Should cut off the power and unplug the power head, avoid direct contact with water or rinse.

2, disinfection machine work, it is forbidden to make the object or hand close to the disinfection machine ventilation, export; handling and loading and unloading should prevent this product by hard objects or fall to the ground.

3, found that the disinfection machine work abnormal (fault display or alarm), should immediately turn off the power switch, and pull out the power plug, telephone notification equipment branch inspection.

4, monthly check the filter and found that dust is multi opened the air inlet panel, remove the filter, with water or with neutral detergent water cleaning, is strictly prohibited with scrub brush tools, water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees centigrade, so as to avoid deformation, wash clean on the cold air drying, press the original road to install each year to replace the filter. Cleaning, replacement of the filter should be recorded.

5, disinfection machine use the cumulative time no more than 8000 hours, such as to achieve the total time to contact the equipment section of the ultraviolet light tube for replacement, and record.

6 and above the disinfection should be without any shelter, cannot be placed in the environment in the cabinet; multiple environment turns disinfection should be nudging it gently and reduce the vibration.

7, according to the disinfection machine manual installation and operation, pay attention to the use of electrical safety. It is prohibited to use without guidance, training, or to read the instructions.

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