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Quick solution for air disinfection machine
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The following is a small series of environmental companies to provide a solution to the failure, please check:

One, a small amount of air or noise

Answer: 1 primary effect filter dust removal of the primary effect of the filter cleaning;

2 filter dust or leakage, cleaning or replacement.

Two, the display flashes tips

Answer: 1 filter accumulated cleaning time, please clean the processing or replace the filter in time;

2 catalytic lamp damage or use time to replace the light catalytic lamp.

Three, high pressure alarm

Answer: 1 high voltage power no signal, signal feedback connection;

2 high voltage power supply failure, adjust the high voltage sensitivity and voltage;

The 3 electric dust ignition, clean electric field;

4 high voltage power supply damage, high voltage power supply.

Four, the device does not work

Answer: 1 power supply without electricity or power supply plug contact bad, check the power supply and power socket or power cord;

2 fuse fuse, replace the fuse;

3 controller does not work, power outages, power supply.

Five, sensor sensitivity is low

Answer: special sensor dust, clean sensor dust.

Six, machine remote control is not sensitive

Answer: 1 check whether the battery has electricity;

2 remote control position angle is too large;

Seven, the machine does not swing machine

Answer: adjust the blinds, check whether the motor rotation or sliding wire.

Eight, air disinfection machine how to maintain and maintenance

A: 1 first check the instruction, and then according to the operation of the manual, such as the electric field, the water can be placed into the water;

2 primary effect filter net has a brush or the wind blow clean.

Nine, the machine shell why sometimes electric shock feeling

Answer: machine leakage, resulting in this is not reliable or the input power is not protected grounding, after the ground wire to try again whether there will be this phenomenon.

Ten, air disinfection machine is the main function

Answer: sterilization, disinfection, dust removal, in addition to formaldehyde, TVOC, harmful gas, please refer to our official website of the product description.

Eleven, disinfection machine can be achieved when the number of clean degree

Answer: 1 in ordinary indoor use, can reach 300000 levels;

2 in the brush over the use of environmentally friendly paint shop, up to 100000; full closed environment can reach 10000.

3 in the clean room and equipped with clean air conditioning, can reach thousand, hundred.

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