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Regular air purification disinfection machine problems and solutions

1. The machine is not sensitive to the remote control.
A: remote control receiving ineffective or remote location is not very ideal will influence.

2. The machine set less than regularly
Answer: adjust the controller program, correction time, adjust timing Settings.

3. The noise is too large
A: choose low noise fan, check whether the location of the installation level off, check whether the fan inside into fragments.

4. The machine electricity is not out of the wind
A: fan did not work or wind resistance.

5. The machine no electricity
Answer: insurance tube burn, change insurance tube, without power may also be motherboard is out of order.

6. Display is not bright lights
A: display poor contact, check screen connectors.

7. The machine boot alarm call
Answer: load have short circuit phenomenon, check the load signal plug-in, likely high voltage electric field or a display board.

8. The machine appears, watermark, namely appear clean or replace consumable hints
A: adjustment procedure, possible filter or plasma need to be cleaned, if prompted, also check the consumable total time, if 1000 hours, the change of consumables.

9. Machine discharge
Answer: adjust the high voltage power supply voltage, are also likely to pressure stick together, or inside the machine also can produce discharge into the dirt.

10. Shutter doesn't swing machine
A: adjust the shutter, check whether the motor is rotating or sliding wire.

11. The machine won't correction (Beijing time) and the remote control is not on time
A: at the regular check (Beijing time), to run for a period of time, will cause the time difference, therefore, proofreading (Beijing time) on a regular basis.

12. Install the customer response has no provisions (such as wall, ceiling type)
Answer: the product has a regulation, there are rules in the product manual. , such as product installation from 20 cm away from the wall outlet should be regional, outlet no obstructions, products should be reliable grounding line. Input power should have protective earthing terminal, with reliable grounding.

13. Disinfection need how long time have no regulations
Answer: the product sterilization time there are provisions in the standard and test report in 2 hours, and can meet the requirements of disinfection of 90% or more.

14. The machine cycle how many times an hour
A: by the space of the rated routine is at 10 or 8 times per hour, principle according to plan an appropriate 10 times.

15. A closed room to open the door in and out of the have not affect disinfection effect
Answer: the product standard is under the condition of closed doors and Windows, to indoor air disinfection, temporary appearing in and out of 1 ~ 2 min, the impact is not big.

16. How to detect can know the machine use effect
Answer: the product before delivery, with dust tester, in the standard stipulated in the space, 30 min, 60 min or 90 min, tester then print out the dust particle purification, through numerical comparison, before after purification and the purification of cleaning measurable effect. Through the detection efficiency, therefore, is the basic know how many time, product purification products can achieve what purification effect of the program.

17. How long is the purification can be sampling inspection
Answer: principle with 16, disinfection work min 90 or 120 min, can detect the disinfection and purification effect.

18. How to maintenance and cleaning
A: please according to specification method. Such as electric field, with a neutral detergent, as for the electric field for how much time, determined by experiment. Principle of the electric field clean, again not corrosion electric field, electric field must dry water after cleaning, filter cleaning. Or take a hoover dust off the inside of the machine.

19. How long in a consumable materials (consumables including what)
Answer: depending on the use of the environment, in general, half an year is clean, consumables generally in only one year later, the material usage.

20. Machine general how long service life
A: products in addition to the material, the machine under normal circumstances can be generally used between 5-10, the electric field using time usually 5 years or more, this matter, internal control.

21. Why machine shell is sometimes get an electric shock feeling a: this is the leakage. Some low resistance, easy to have this feeling. Produce this grounding is not reliable, or input power without protective grounding, grounding or unreliable, solutions are reliable grounding device with the input power.

22. A closed room with air purification machine have no fresh air come in customer response is very stuffy
A: this is the reason why product improvements. Because of positive ions is much, oxygen reduction, can cause this kind of phenomenon, increase the negatively charged and ozone catalysts, this phenomenon will change.

23. The customer response time
A: the machine before use please read using machine manual, and timing functions. When control improvement, therefore, to overcome this defect

24. Our machine mainly has what function Answer: our machine mainly is the sterilization, remove dust net, seven filtering, a detailed look at publicity materials has about its function and characteristics of here not to talk, communication are realized.

Long did it take 25. The machine has not accumulated time
A: to improve control, add a total time query.

26. We can machine in addition to alcohol or other chemical odor
Answer: for the moment we machines in addition to alcohol or other gas taste is not the main function, may this aspect function is not obvious, mainly disinfection and purification (dust), if the user wants, can increase the function, in addition to alcohol and VOC harmful gases.

27. We can machine in addition to the powder material or other harmful gas
Answer: the company's products in addition to the dust, can decompose harmful gases.

28. The machine can we achieve what cleanliness
A: we have cleanliness into to the effect of machine itself, the company product cleanliness can be reduced, the purification efficiency can reach 95% or 99.5%.

29. The machine can use ventilation of the room, so have the effect
A: you can have the effect, this is about to design personnel on-site examination, to carry out the plan, to achieve the best effect.

30. The machine has not responded to amount to mark
A: the machine is not up to standard is according to what standard to test, if it is according to the national standard testing machine can be up to standard, if the machine is used for a period of time is not up to standard, it may be about to clean the machine or change consumables, sterilization time and could purify it hasn't reached the sampling air samples.

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