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Enterprise vision
For Wei, what is the most basic elements of the company's survival and development? Strategy, organization, leadership, system and process are very important, but compared with the culture, they are in a short time can be adjusted. Hundred years enterprise is not the company's mission as an a a or a class of products, but the company itself as its own mission, because a good idea or a good product will change with time, and can not guarantee the company's centennial, really was not light easy to change, and can profoundly influence the behavior of every one of us is enterprise culture, culture only is a enterprises depend on for evergreen of the most basic elements.

Wei an environment will be in the long run, the integrity of the integrity, common development concept, the development of the company's business. With the company's interests in the harmonious development of the community, in order to be customers, employees, shareholders, partners and social respect for their own pride and pursuit, to share the value of growth;
Core values: sharing growth value
Adhere to the "customer first" philosophy, from the creation of customer value, social value, and thus enhance the enterprise value.
Pay attention to employee benefits, stimulate employee potential, willing to share the results of the company's growth with all the employees, the pursuit of the value of their own;
Development cooperation and win-win platform, and all partners to share the value of growth;
In order to promote the healthy development of the company in the long term, and through the mature and effective marketing and management mechanism, the sustainable growth of the company is realized, and the reasonable return of shareholders is given;
Care for the society, the society, and promote the development of China's health industry;
Corporate purpose
Company uphold the truth, innovation, quality, efficiency concept, adhere to the people-oriented, innovation and enterprising tenet. Unity and cooperation, the common development of guiding ideology, we invite friends from all walks of life, to build a bridge to communicate with each other, and seek common development of the road, is committed to the treatment of air pollution, purification cause to contribute to the cause.

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