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Fog is the greatest influence economic bear the brunt of air purification industry. Report: 2013-2020, and the air to purify a product sales will reach 560 billion yuan, including 2020 in annual sales will reach 152 billion yuan. "In other words, air purification industry, it contains billions of business opportunities.
China's air to purify a product retention rate, compared with the developed countries, there is still a big gap. In South Korea in South Korea, about 70% of households have air to purify a product, in Europe and America, the figure is about 40%. In China, air purification products retention rate is less than 1%. China at the initial stage of import air to purify a product market, the market is huge.
Air disinfection machine data analysis

We have the advantage of
Technology advantage:
With the core technology, not only can purify air, still can kill harmful bacteria in the air;
Passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification, product quality has reached the international approval standards;
To master the core technology, with AIS ion technology represented by the patent of dozens of;
Product advantage:
Perfect product system: wei one owns the air disinfection machine to the central air purification system, product structure is perfect, more competitive!
"Wei a pioneering" wall-mounted semiconductor technology, automatically added fresh air, leading the industry, more market competitiveness.
Wei products adopt automatic intelligent control, more in line with the social mainstream demand today.
Service advantage:
1, one year warranty, only a few materials fee;
2, life to old change new;
3, 7 * 24 hours telephone support.
Air disinfection machine specialized agents
Join in policy
Joining principle 1.
1, China merchants join management reflect "the mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, complementary advantages, cooperation and win-win" principle.
2, online/offline distribution system each other conflict, brand share, the principle of complement each other.
3, the entire network distributors implement the principle of unification of the retail price.
2. Regional exclusive distributor qualification conditions
1, have a certain financial strength and good personal reputation, business reputation, rich business experience and high comprehensive quality;
2, good ability of brand management, identity wei a brand and business strategy;
3, the legitimate operators, fixed place of business;
4, the entrepreneurial passion, forward-looking vision and spirit of cooperation, the entrepreneurial passion, forward-looking vision and spirit of cooperation;
6, good after-sales service management capabilities, able to independently handle customer complaints and disputes;
7, local good and extensive social relations;
8, good ability of regional management, to coordinate the marketing positioning corresponding advertising strategy;
9, must be committed to indoor air smelting industry, dare to explore, in the spirit of not afraid of hardship;
10, strictly abide by the joining of various rules and regulations and specifications shall be subject to the supervision of the management and operation.
3. The joining trader shall enjoy the rights
1, wei a brand's official authorization and trademark;
2, enjoy wei a product pictures, video products, posters, selling point description information;
3, enjoy wei a product training, market analysis, and promote communication training opportunities;
4, network marketing support, network distribution rights with a bargain, year-end rebates;
5, an official from enjoy, after-sales service guarantee: 15 days replacement, 365 days warranty;
4. The joining trader shall enjoy the rights
Customer classification of cooperation: regional franchisee, municipal general dealers, the county the general dealers, to join dealers, signing yearly task (size can be adjusted according to the market, but need to apply and the approval to effective), a rebate, specific see policy with the contract, please negotiable.

Joining process 5.

Understand the products of the company and join in policy


Fill in the application


Company for checking information


Signed a cooperation agreement; And authorize the company all products


All joining partners by we provide a full range of information for wei


The official start of the cooperation

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