Hair Loss Cause And Cure For Men

hair lossThere is a wide range of hair loss problem affecting men since ages due to several reasons behind it. While some of them experience hair loss due to genetic reasons, some men gets affected due to certain medications or due to normal aging. In order to prevent such hair losses, one must determine the exact reason behind the hair loss and set to fix the issue most effectively. Such hair loss and baldness issues in men should be handled with care and treated in the most perfect manner in order to ensure a successful venture.

Baldness in men

Male pattern baldness often causes the 90% of hair loss in them leading to disastrous consequences. Such pattern baldness in men is termed as androgenetic alopecia. This can be often inherited form father or mother where the older one tends to get, more prominent the baldness appears to be. However there are exceptions, where men tend to lose their hair at a very early stage at around their early twenties.

Causes of baldness in men

65% of men experiences hair loss or baldness by the time they are 60 years old and 50% men experience baldness or hair loss by the time they are 50 years old, says several hair loss experts. Reasons and causes behind such hair loss might vary from sporting harsh hairstyles during earlier stage or rough hair care procedures or simply due to certain medications which often causes tremendous and excessive hair loss resulting into baldness. There is a particular chemical called dehydrotestosterone or DHT which if rises and increases with aging, hair follicles get affected by it resulting into prominent hair loss and baldness. And apart from this, other genetic factors often cause baldness in men.

Other causes for hair loss in men

Severe illness or certain surgeries can result into excessive hair loss in men. Using anti depressants and certain medicines used in order to treat gout can also cause some amount of hair loss. Chemotherapies can also cause excessive hair loss causing baldness. Fungal infections affecting scalp and other diseases such as lupus and diabetes often cause hair loss. Imbalanced hormone in men can also be a cause for hair loss leading to baldness.

Diagnosis for hair loss

Proper diagnosis for hair loss is extremely essential and it should only be initiated after consulting a proper doctor who specializes in this particular field of concern. Self diagnosis should certainly be avoided which may otherwise lead to something fatal or serious issues occurring due to wrong diagnosis.

  • Hair loss treatment (Tropical): Marketed under the name of Rogaine, minoxidil is reportedly the most effective tropical hair loss treatment till date.
  • Hair loss treatment (Oral): Marketed under the name of Propecia, finasteride is an effective hair loss treatment for men which shall only available with prescriptions.
  • Surgical treatments for hair loss: This goes without saying that there are several surgical hair loss treatments available these days in order to find some fruitful remedies to hair loss problems.

Always consult a well reputed dermatologist in such cases who can suggest you the best possible treatment for hair loss which shall definitely be for a long term basis.

Mens Hair Loss Treatment

For some hair loss is a normal process of aging and for others it is unusual. When hair loss occurs in patches, it can be worse. It causes psychological effect to the person and the worse can be averted if you follow the right treatment. The procedures differ with men and women, most people think that hair loss occurs only on scalp but the general term is called as alopecia. There could be many reasons for it like vitamin deficiency, iron deficiency and genes. Hair loss near the temple region forming a V shape or the circle shape in the crown region are the symptoms, which is visible easily and the hair starts to get thinner.

There could be also skin disease which causes more damage to the hair. Proper treatments at an earlier can stop the process of hair loss and avoid more suffering. Scalp and beard are the areas which gets noticed when there is a hair fall. It occurs for everyone but once when the hair doesn’t grow or there is skin inflammation then you must consult a dermatologist. We will look at the top treatments for men to avoid hair loss to a large extent.

Natural remedies

If you have it in your genes then the only possible way to tackle the problem would be to go for natural remedies. Many don’t like the idea of natural remedies but it is safer method than any other process or treatment. Rubbing the onion on your scalp, eating more iron-rich food and massaging your scalp with warm oil every week can help your root hairs get stronger and firmer. Eating fresh vegetables and fruits, drinking more water can save your hair.


Have you heard about Nioxin? If not, then you must try at once. This helps in reducing the hair thinning. Many people have hair thinning for prolonged period, you must try the Nioxin which is available as shampoo and helps to reduce the hair fall and prevent other hair ailments. For proper hair growth, your scalp must have enough blood circulation and other ordinary shampoos can’t do that because there is no special ingredient like Nioxin. It is good to use this shampoo as directed by the dermatologist.

Laser treatment

It is another method, used by many people these days. This is because it shows better results in men, laser light is effective when used every 3 days for 15 minutes. It promotes blood circulation in the area of scalp and strengthens the hair follicles. You will get thicker hair and it will last longer for more days than usual. This is not permanent treatment but just a temporary treatment for the hair loss.

Wig or transplant?

These days not many men try to use the wig and transplant is the best option. When you visit your dermatologist, he or she examines every strand of hair and provides you the best results. The advantage of it being more natural and it’s hard to differentiate which one is real! Body hair can also be used as a replacement when you don’t have more hair on the scalp. This procedure is painless and scar less process used by many men.

Top Hairstyles For Men In 2015

Being stylish is the new trend and having the perfect hairstyle adds more beauty. Men and women spend their weekends in between their busy schedule for a nice haircut. Most men prefer it to be stylish while other want to escape from the hot sun. Sports players usually need a haircut, because it makes uncomfortable to play their favorite sport with lengthy hair. There are a large percentage of men, who spend money for special haircuts. We will take a look at the top hairstyles for men in 2015.


This is the most popular haircut with men, the cut is unique and liked by many men.  This cut has more hair on the top and short hair on the sides. It has variations in large extent and can be suitable for curly or straight hair people. Simplicity is the beauty and you can see with this haircut style. This is much suitable for men wearing cap during the summer time. If you have watched brad Pitt from the fury movie, you can see this undercut hairstyle.

Man bun

This is an amazing hairstyle and it is my favorite also. This is a challenging stereotype, I would tell. The hair is pulled back and tied at the back.  Some hair near the forehead is left out depending on the look.  Some people also this is old fashioned and avoid this hair style. The key is to make haircut at times necessary.  This means placing a bun on head, which is trending style and mostly for men having long hair. However sometimes the man bun is achieved for short hair men too and this has become popular after 2014. Some people would mistake a guy having man bun hair style to be homeless.

Top knot

We have discussed the undercut and Man bun, this is mixture of both the hair is extremely difficult hairstyle to make and it is awesome. This is mostly for the short hair people and has got huge popularity. You don’t need to wait for months to get this hairstyle. When you are having short hair, then this haircut is taken along with the undercut hair style.

Fade hairstyle

Fade hairstyle and undercut styles are similar, but the fade hairstyle has less hair on top. This is a surround haircut, I would say. Short hair on the sides with less hair on top is the characteristic of this fade hairstyle. These we could see men with fade hairstyle along with more hair on top.

Side part hairstyle

This is considered to be one of the classic hair styles for men. It is also called as the grandpa style which he had in his life long ago. But this is considered to give the professional look and style. Usually there is parting of hair with this style. It is still used by men of ages 30 and above, it is liked by many because it is the usual look and it makes people feel comfortable.

Infant Hair And Some Healthy Tips

What to expect? When you are expecting!  Infant hair is a mystery for many parents and there cannot be any prediction to it. Infant hair depends on the genes from the parents, the food taken my mother during pregnancy and much more. No worry about how bad it is , the baby hair would change overall after a year or so.
Infant do lose their hair

I didn’t know this fact before, like adults infants too lose their hair on daily basis. They don’t experience complete hair fall like in some adults.  Due to the hormonal changes, they start to lose hair in the early stages for up to one year. The hair starts to thicken after that, they seem to look different with thick hair appearance.

Spots, do you see them?

Some babies who use the mat always experience heat and hair fall. It is experienced in spots; there are babies who have no spots of hair at some areas. It is good to consult a doctor before you making any decisions.  It is good to change the positions while the baby is sleeping. If he or she tends to sleep always towards one side it may cause the hair to fall in patches and affect overall.


The treatment is basic and takes gentle care of your baby. Some babies always cry a lot due to heat or more hair. It is necessary to cut their hair once and maintain it to be short. Wash their hair as and when needed, because this is needed to keep the hair clean. Shampoo is not necessary in the first 6 months; it is good to stick with one shampoo for a year. It is also good to use conditioner to avoid tangles and sticky nature of hair.

Keep the items away

Keep the hair items away because it is small and colorful, it may get the attention of babies and they might swallow it. It is also never recommended to pull your baby hair into ponytail because it might break the hair. Make the hair to breathe easy and loose hair style is the best for babies until they become toddlers. You can schedule for haircut, when he or she is very relaxed and seems enjoying haircut. Some kids fear for haircut, during that time may not be a right choice for haircut.

Combing your baby’s hair

Gentle care must be taken until the baby becomes toddler as already explained.  Buy the hair comb for babies available in the store.  Every product you use the baby must be very clean and free from germs. You a wide tooth soft comb for your baby to remove tangles easily and gently. Many people don’t buy the right comb and cause further problems. Some people don’t even remove the tangles everyday making it difficult for baby. As the baby is much softer than the adult hair, it is necessary to make the proper care and it is vital to consult with your doctor first.