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Professionals Helping Seniors (PHS) is dedicated to supporting qualified, caring professionals who specialize in serving seniors.

We help caregivers look after their parent

PHS has grown into a national network of Alliances across the country that now includes hundreds of professionals.

We help create and manage networking Alliances for professionals dedicated to serving seniors and their caregivers. Each member of PHS has a common focus and is sincere in their desire to learn from each other’s diverse backgrounds and to share information in order to find solutions to senior issues. They are active in their community, provide educational seminars and panel discussions for seniors and their families, and are a common source of information on current senior issues.

Providing Solutions for Today’s Caregiver Issues

We understand that sometimes life events can throw you unexpected curves, especially when it comes to caring for a loved one.

You may be facing a transition from working parent to working caregiver; forcing you to make changes at work and personal sacrifices at home to accommodate caregiver responsibilities.

As a working caregiver, you may have to consume your personal and vacation days, or take time off without pay in order to manage the daily routine of your loved one. The stressful obligation and additional responsibilities of being a caregiver may cause financial strain and possibly force you to reduce your work hours to part-time or seek early retirement, meaning the loss of income and benefits. Oftentimes, caregivers face sacrificing future career advancements, additional sales, pensions and Social Security benefits.

You, in fact, many American workers, are facing increasingly difficult decisions as you take on the responsibility of providing ongoing daily care for an aging parent or loved one. We are here to help in limiting the stress and burden placed on you and your families. Our goal is to provide you with as much information as possible to make your decision making easier.